Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have realized that it would be helpful to have a "bloggish" link on the SwimMikeSwim website which leads to regular updates on my training, and other stuff. So that is officially the renewed purpose of this blog.

So where are we?

Swimming - Last Monday (May 13) was 4 1/2 hours in 61 degree water, backyard pool, tethered. I had a rough beginning to that swim but the last three hours wasn't too bad. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my training so far, and looking forward to my six hour qualifying swim in San Francisco in the middle of July. On this blog I'll only mention the long swims, but I also do regular speed work at the Y.

Fundraising - We are at just over $4000, which is nice, but I'm hoping things really pick up soon. We have a Swim-a-thon fundraiser through Washington Academy (where I was the swim coach) on May 30, and hopefully that will bring in a nice sum (even if it doesn't, I'll be happy just to get the kids involved in a service project and have them learn a little bit about Angola). We are also planning a community wide "Faith Night" at Magic Waters (local, big time water park). If that takes off, we could make several thousand off that. Here's hoping!

That's all for now. Regular updates to follow.

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Mark said...

good luck
will be checking back