Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back at it

Okay, after a brief rest due to my cold I'm back to training. I got in a swim in Lake Michigan on Monday, about an hour in 56 degree water. That was no problem and I would have liked to go longer, but just didn't have the time.

On Tuesday, I did a long swim at the YMCA. I figured a warm pool swim was probably wise, so as not to stress my immune system yet. So I did six hours six minutes = 21,000 yards = 840 lengths = 11.93 miles. If I had realized I was so close to 12 miles I would have just finished it. Oh well. Next time.

I feel good about where I am at distance wise, and probably more importantly, with my acclimation to cold water. Two months ago, I was very worried about that, but have done pretty well in the cold water. All my extra pounds are good for something!

Just keep swimming!


mondoug said...

Mike - your commitment is clear and edifying! Keep going. We are following - I am Graeme's dad from Sunshine Coast, Australia. I body-surf every morning here - last July, surf temp 16degreesC - external temp 3degreesC - after 3 days of an hour surfing each morning I developed hypothermia. This is not about me - it is about you - I truly appreciate the care you are taking of your body and the dedication to your preparation.

Mark said...

glad you are back at it

Mike Solberg said...

Thanks, Doug! Nice to hear from you. Graeme told me you were interested. It's probably a little easier to just stay in the water the whole time, rather than the in and out of body surfing. But body surfing is probably a lot more fun!