Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lake Michigan at last

Today was my first swim this year in Lake Michigan. The temp varied between 56-58. It didn't feel bad at all, but then, I only stayed in for 50 minutes (due to time restraints, not the cold). I swam with a guy named Mike who lives in Chicago, very close to Foster Street beach. He is swimming the Channel in July, so is getting in as much cold water work as possible.

Swimming in open water was interesting. It was choppy and wavy of course, which made it very hard to get in any kind of rhythm. Staying in a straight line by sighting was hard, but I guess I would get used to it. But then, I don't have to do that in the Channel, as I just keep the boat 25 feet to my left or right.

This other Mike said that salt water seems 4-5 degrees warmer than fresh water - I hope that's true!

I'm fairly sore from the 5 hours yesterday, but just good soreness, not injury soreness. I'll rest for a day or two and should be okay.


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debbie said...

When the beaches offically open in Chicago you can swim from North ave beach to Ohio street beach (with Oak street beach in between) with lifeguards all along the way. It is about a 3 mile round trip swim.