Saturday, September 5, 2009

Real Time Tracking of My Swim

We are making final plans for how to communicate back to everyone information about my swim. Things are still a little up in the air because I am not sure what form of communication will work out in the middle of the Channel.

The one sure thing, though, at this point, is that you will be able to follow the course of my swim live, by following this link:, and clicking on "Satellite Tracker - Anastasia" (Anastasia is the name of the boat.)

That will give you a blip on a map every now and then (ten to thirty minutes apart usually), giving you my position. You will notice that you can zoom in and out on the map for the view that works best for you. Remember that I will not swim straight across, but will be pushed east (to the right on the map) for six hours, and then back to the south-southwest for six hours. Ideally, I'll walk onto the French beach (or rocks) at Cap Gris Nez at the end of that twelve hours. More realistically though, I'll probably start getting pushed back east again before I hit the beach around Wissant.

Any questions?

I'll post this again before I swim.


Graeme said...

Any idea what time of day you will be starting?

Mike said...

Hey Graeme,

Most likely I will be starting in the wee hours of the morning on September 11 or soon thereafter. That's Dover local time (BST = GMT +1:00). I'll post something as soon as I know more precisely. I should have about 24 hours warning.


Karen said...

This is getting exciting!