Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in Dover

Arrived back in Dover yesterday for some more training, following a few days in Paris. Paris was great, of course. It remains a mystery why the recipe and technique of great pastries can't make it across the Atlantic. Wow, that stuff is good. The tourist sights were very crowded but fun to see, and we had fun playing games and working on a puzzle (which we failed to finish sadly - too much to do in Paris!).

I swam six hours yesterday, which I was happy with after swimming only once for the past three weeks. The first two hours were very tough, perhaps just because it was early (I started a little after six), and I don't normally swim that early. But then things fell into place and it was good. My right tricep (or is it still triceps even when singular?) is still a bit tender, but not painful. I have stopped even thinking about the water temperature. Dover Harbor is 64 or so now, and other than the slightly unpleasant moment of first getting in, it is no problem. As long as I can keep working during my Channel swim, the water temp won't be a problem.

I almost got to go out on the boat for another swimmer's Channel swim last night. I reported to the boat at midnight as arranged, and then the guy didn't show. He had a mix up with the pilot about the departure time. Now he missed his shot, at least for a few days. Note to self: show up when the pilot says!

After my first visit and this visit to Dover, I feel like I have a pretty good picture in my mind of what to expect - as much as one can at least, as the Channel always surprises. My swim window begins one month from tomorrow. I'll do two or three more long swims at home - hopefully getting up to eight hours for one of them (but where and how to do that is an issue), with shorter swims in between. Then back off for about a week, and I'll be good to go. Can one be hesitantly confident? I guess that's how I feel.

Home on Wednesday. Cheers.


hlschubert said...

haha, my cousin is a specialty baker in Chicago, who occasionally leads "pastry tours" in France. I bet he wonders the same thing!

Sounds like your preparations are going great - that's cool that you've had so many chances to swim @ Dover, I'm sure it will help you a lot to be a little familiar with at least some of the conditions there. Sounds like you have a good balance of preparation and humility. :)

I am hoping to do Big Shoulders 5k in Chicago this Sept - probably around the same time you're doing the Channel. I will think of you for inspiration if it gets tough! :)

Debbie said...

The YMCA south pool will be closed for cleaning for 2 WEEKS!!!! From Aug 16 to 30. Even though that pool is the "cool" pool, it is usually 79 - 80 degrees. So, I don't know if you would want to swim in it anyway. Any other facility pool is usually too warm.

I am swimming the Big Shoulders swim in Lake Michigan on Aug 12. I like to get into lake michigan several times before that swim. It is easy to swim there as the beaches are well maintained and there are life guards and easy access to the water. You can swim beach to beach uninterrupted.

I also go to Lake Geneva to get some lake swimming that is closer to Rockford. I use Fontana beach and swim from end to end of the swim area bouys. Its about 400 yards round trip. I just keep swimming back and forth. I have to sight and the waves can kick up. With this cold summer, the water temp is in the high 60's.

Just some ideas. It is hard to find good swimming spots. The biggest thing is that you have experience in Dover under your belt - the real thing. Now you just need to keep up your physical strength.

You will do great!!