Monday, August 17, 2009

And now back home

I'm back home now until September 7, when I leave for Dover for my swim (finally!). Nothing much fascinating to report. I'm just doing some final training. I will do a long swim this week (six hours?), and then, if I can find proper accompaniment, I hope to do an eight hour swim in Lake Geneva next week. Then it will be shorter stuff (nothing over three hours) until I leave for Dover. I wish I was swimming tomorrow. I am mentally and physically ready. Now I just have to keep the edge for three more weeks.

The fund raising has been a bit slow lately - received $16,212 to date. I'm hoping there is a nice bump as we get into the final weeks here, but clearly we won't get to $50,000 before I swim. But we'll keep working on it until we raise the full $50,000. The kids of Waku Kungo need it! The Angolans would like to get building, but will understand. They are very used to waiting, as nothing construction related seems to happen very fast in Angola. We will send them what we have so far, and I will still go there in October, and have a ceremonial ground breaking.


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Debbie said...

You are right Mike. It would be nice to swim right now. But use these next 3 weeks to relax, stay loose and streamline in the water, and pray. It'll be time before you know it!

The money will come. God does work for the good! Romans 8:28