Sunday, March 1, 2009


Wow. You put a bunch of talented, thoughtful, compassionate people who are generous with time in a room and great things can happen. Today I gathered a few wonderful people together to help get the fundraising part of this moving along, and we made great progress in just a couple of hours. These folks were very confident we would be able to get significant publicity, in Rockford, Chicago, and maybe beyond! We have some jobs assigned, and will soon be making calls to some key people and businesses, trying to get seed money to enable more serious fundraising. Anybody like to donate $2000 to help make the $50,000 possible??? If so, click here! (And then click the green button on the left hand side of that page.)

This blog will hopefully soon expand into a fundraising juggernaut, with more information and a broader audience in mind. But I'll still keep the personal touch, as this whole effort to raise money for the school in Waku Kungu is deeply personal to me!


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