Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Sign Post

On January 1st, I met a mid-term goal I had set for myself and swam 16,000 yards (9.09 miles). The Channel is just about 38,000 yards (21.65 miles, or so). To maximize the fun (ha!) I swam in the YMCA 25 yard pool, as I usually do. That's 640 lengths. It took four hours and thirty six minutes, including a couple stops to chat and unhurried feeding with E-gel.

It feels good to meet a goal, a sign-post along the way. Just 12 miles more! But the distance isn't the only consideration, perhaps not even the most important one. That's 12 miles more through 60-degree-salt-water-with-waves-and-wind-and-currents-and-darkness. So although it is good to be 42% of the way there distance-wise, I'm probably only 20% of the way there difficulty-wise. Good thing I don't swim for another 9 months - plenty of time!

The fund-raising is progressing. In the next week or so, I'll come up with some sort of visual to track the donations. This month I will be meeting with a committee of people to plan the fund-raising in earnest and begin to get the word out more broadly. You can be an early supporter! Donate here (click on the green button on the left side of that page).

A blessed new year to all!


Graeme said...

Since your offer I have been in the water a few times after not having been in the water for over six months. I am watching what I eat and trying to get more exercise. Looks like you may have a still-tentative-but-a-little-less-so companion! What pace are you hoping to swim? FYI -- I have open water swimming experience. I swam in a shark cage from Magnetic Island to Townsville (Queensland, Australia) back in the 80s.

Mike Solberg said...

Hey Graeme,

Great! I hope the reconditioning effort keeps progressing. It would be great to have you along.

I should swim the Channel at about two miles an hour (3500 yards an hour), maybe a little faster if the water is on the smooth side and things go well.

I never heard of you making that swim. Was that before, during, or after UofI? That's about five miles? What was the water temp? And most importantly, did you actually see any sharks??

Graeme said...

It is about time for another update...