Thursday, July 23, 2009

From Bergen, Norway

I have made it to Bergen and the family should be here in about an hour. It is beautiful here, and I have barely left th airport. Very northwoodsy. Typing on my phone is slow so I'll just say that I think I really do look like the people here.

And I should also say that my recovery from ny seven hour/six hour back to back days went well - except for my mouth! The salt water killed my tongue and eating was painful for three days. Thank goodness for ibuprofen!



Mom said...

Hello in Norway!! Mike, Janine Muriel and Henry.

Mom said...

Hope your mouth feels better now.

Karen said...

Wow, that was painful just to read. Did you know that would happen? Hope it's better. P.S. That's very cool you blogged from your phone.

Debbie said...

Keep it up Mike! I guess your body will get used to the affects of the salt water. Keep swimming in that water. At least the temp is not affecting you!