Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CSA Music-a-thon Rocks!

Many, many thanks to the Community School of the Arts at Wheaton College for a wonderful contribution! Back in February the CSA had its annual Music-a-thon, and this year the proceeds were designated for the SwimMikeSwim / Angola School project. My son, Henry, was part of the CSA for many years and I have three nieces and nephews who have participated there as well. It was so kind of them to devote this year's money to the Angola school.

The Music-a-thon is a day for CSA students to play for an extended time, raising donations for their work. It is a way for them to use their considerable musical gifts to be a blessing to others. And a blessing they were!

I just received word that the total contribution from the CSA Music-a-thon is $5,568!

That brings the total so far to $59,056. So, now just under $11,000 to go to reach the goal of $70,000 to enable around 640 students to get the education they need to build their lives, their community, and their country.



Karen said...

Any pics? Sounds like a great community!

Mike said...

Nope, no pics. I asked, but they haven't yet sent any. I'm still hoping, though.

Muriel said...


marry said...

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