Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Closer!

The fund raising total is now up to $40,867!

I am so thrilled that we have come this far. I have been reading a fascinating book by economist Jeffrey Sachs called "The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time." The basic argument is that it is entirely possible to end life-threatening poverty everywhere on this planet by 2025. At one point he says that those who care about ending poverty, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa (which, sadly, is the only place where poverty has actually become worse over the last few decades, largely because of AIDS), should focus on the "Big Five" development interventions (obviously piggy backing on the "Big Five" animals of Africa): Agricultural inputs; Investments in basic health; Investments in Education; Power, transport, and communications services; Safe drinking water and sanitation. Education is one of the keys to ending poverty - there is no doubt about it. Our church partners in Angola chose wisely when they said that they would like our "SwimMikeSwim" funds to go to a school building!

Now shooting for $50,000!

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