Monday, June 29, 2009

A fun small step

I don't normally write about my shorter training days, but my workout tonight was sort of fun. I swam 8000 yards in 1:57 (one hour, fifty-seven minutes). That's the fastest I have ever swum 8000 yards in my life. It's good for morale to be swimming relatively fast right now, because in the middle of all the distance, speed usually suffers some. So, wahoo. Ten weeks and five days to the beginning of my swim window. but who's counting?

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Debbie said...

Not a small step at all! 8,00 yards in less than 2 hours is less than a 1:30 pace per 100 the whole time. That is hard to do. Pretty impressive Mike!

It is always good to have a "test swim." It puts into perspective how you are doing without the salt water, jellyfish, waves, current, and shadows factored in.
You can repeat this swim closer to your crossing swim and see how it compares.

10 weeks will certainly speed by. Keep it up!!